Anchored Workshop Review

Charlotte’s own Anchor and Veil are some of the best photographers we know. And how lucky we are to actually know them thanks to the Anchored Workshop.

When we heard that Devin and Kathryn from Anchor and Veil were hosting a workshop here in the Charlotte area, we immediately knew that it was something we would want to invest in to better our business and photography. What we didn’t know is just how transformative it would be.

Workshops in general come in one of two forms - Either large conferences (WPPI, ShowIt, United) or smaller, more intimate workshops run by single photographers. We tend to prefer the latter - you get individualized attention and we get to be really choosy about who we learn from. We didn’t quite know what to expect with this workshop, but between all of the super valuable information that Devin jam packed into these 3 days and meeting talented photographers (who we now call friends!) from around the country, this workshop could not have been better for us. And all of this was taught in the comfort of an amazing AirBnB on Lake Norman, while sitting on a couch munching on Rice Krispy Treats :D (Real brain food right there!).

Not ONLY did Devin spill his shooting/editing secrets and tips with us, but the amount of business knowledge that this guy served up is INSANE! He even brought in his tax accountant and financial adviser to give us tips on planning for the future. There are so many little things that you don’t think about being a small business owner, and this really opened our eyes on how to truly run our business well.

On day one, we also had an awesome opportunity to put what we learned into action with a mini styled shoot with Two couples: one engaged and the other a real-life bride and groom that were married on New Year’s Eve! These models were FIRE! We loved working with them and getting to document their affection, and we couldn’t be more excited to bring some of these new techniques to our awesome clients this year!

We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention the talented team who made this a reality: Any gorgeous flowers shown below were courtesy of Bells Box Collective. And the hair and makeup was done by our amazingly talented friend Megan Oliveri, who we cannot wait to work with more this year!


Dana and Josh


Erin and Jose


Our wonderful group

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